Be yourself: post your own photos.
Yes. It may sound obvious, but this is an important part of Parallel culture. The point of Parallel is to offer everyone a way to share their faith that feels safe and honest. It’s important that you own the copyright to your work. If you love a photo – don’t post it as your own, find out who took it and start a conversation with them. Everyone likes a compliment.

Be human: life is muddy and beautiful.
We want to encourage everyone to be genuine. Parallel loves life on the margins, that’s where the most special moments of transformation take place. (And also let’s skip self-promotion while we’re at it.)

Be thoughtful: it is always a community experience.
Opening up the Bible to be a place where people can share pictures and comment back to each other has never been done before. We’re doing it because we believe this will be an immensely powerful and transformative experience for us all. We must be thoughtful about the kinds of images we connect with biblical passages. Thank you for making this meaningful and inclusive.

Be respectful: in thought, word and action
How have Christians become so good at bringing each other down? We believe that Parallel can be a community that shows the best of creativity and faith in life. Let Parallel be an experience that points us all towards loving God rather than tearing each other up.

Be encouraging: Parallel is for lovers
There are enough haters. We know life can be rough and that we can be tempted to be the worst of ourselves, but let’s transform that. Think about how much you can make someone’s day with some thoughtful encouragement.