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Connecting your story and your community with Scripture

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We are pleased to announce the launch of Parallel Bible Volume 2: Parable. In the coming weeks, together with you, we are creating a collaborative, richly illustrated, 21st century collection Jesus’ stories.

We are funding the book through Kickstarter, so sign up below for updates or head on over to our kickstarter page.

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In December, we released Volume 1: Sermon and together with you we created an unprecedented art book for Matthew 5-7. We received hundreds of images from people like you (and every continent!) sharing the story of how scripture meets real life, everyday.

We want you to be part of Volume 2.
We’ve already started collecting image-verses for the parables listed below. Please join us via the Parallel Bible app or send your images (hi-res please) directly to Chris at cmb[at]theparallelbible.com


Volume 2: Parable
(your Illuminator’s Reference Index)

The Two Debtors - Luke 7:41–43
The Lamp under a Bushel - Luke 8:16–18
The Good Samaritan - Luke 10:25–37
The Friend at Night - Luke 11:5–8
The Rich Fool - Luke 12:16–21
The Wineskins - Luke 5:37–39
The Sower - Luke 8:5–8
The Mustard Seed - Luke 13:18–19
The Leaven - Luke 13:20–21
The Costly Gift - Luke 14:28–33
The Lost Sheep - Luke 15:4–6
The Lost Coin - Luke 15:8–9
The Prodigal Son - Luke 15:11–32
The Unjust Steward - Luke 16:1–13
The Rich man and Lazarus - Luke 16:19–31
The Master and Servant - Luke 17:7–10
The Unjust Judge - Luke 18:1–9
The Pharisees and the Publican - Luke 18:10–14
The Wicked Husbandmen - Luke 20:9–16
The Great Banquet - Luke 14:15–24
The Budding Fig Tree - Luke 21:29–33
The Faithful Servant - Luke 12:35–48
The Talents - Luke 19:12–27
The Wedding Feast - Luke 14:7–14

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Praise for Volume 1

"“Parallel is a dazzling way to read Scripture. To bring in contemporary imagery both permits and requires us to see that the Biblical text is profoundly engaged with our moment in history...”
–Walter Brueggemann"

“Truly brilliant – a new approach through traditional means of Lectio Divina in an original format”
– Thomas Keating

"Parallel Bible signals a new evangelism: the communal sharing of stories." (TIME)

"...makes a universal text feel personal, and shareable..." (Slate)

"Top 7 apps to help your spiritual life" (Today Show)

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